Our Story

Today, the fastest growing startups have moved to a product-led go-to-market. They let customers try the product, find the value, and adopt it how they want. In this world, every customer interaction is a chance to delight. Anyone who is working with customers has the chance to improve conversion, increase growth, and reduce churn.

However, the sad reality is that companies are using existing CRMs and GTM tools that were built for a traditional outbound model. It’s an awkward fit. They force their rigid model on something that’s inherently fluid. They force companies to jam customer data in without respect for the user and don’t make it easy to perform any meaningful action.

We built Calixa to solve this once and for all. We want to give superpowers to customer facing teams. No longer will teams be stuck in outdated CRMs, jump across 9 browser tabs, or struggle with SQL. No longer will teams worry about what they might be missing.

Our goal is to empower every company to delight their customers. We are excited to be setting the new standard for customer tools and what it means to be a product-led company. We can’t wait to work with you.

—Team Calixa

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