New Automated Workflow: Add to Outreach and Salesloft

Eliminate adding PQLs into Outreach cadences or Salesloft sequences one-by-one. Instead, automatically place the right user in the right cadence based on the PQL criteria you set up in Calixa.

Joanna Huang

September 13, 2022
 min read

Automation is key to sales productivity. It’s most needed in Product-Led Sales, where sales reps must prioritize thousands or even tens of thousands of users. That’s why Calixa makes it easier to reach out to the PQLs you are confident about in a timely manner.

Tired of adding PQLs into cadences one-by-one? Now, Calixa’s Automations can add PQLs into Outreach sequences or Salesloft cadences—instantly when they’re qualified. Instead of doing manual work upon receiving alerts, automated workflows are the most efficient way to move PQLs into sales engagement tools.

Increase time spent selling

Check out these two new capabilities under Automations: Add to Sequence and Add to Cadence. Our previously one-click follow-up Action for PQLs is now zero clicks. Right when users meet your PQL conditions, Automations will immediately add them into the proper downstream outreach.

It only takes a minute to get started. First, connect your Outreach or Salesloft account under Integrations using a simple login. Then select the proper follow-up cadence for your PQL. 

For example: all users who’ve met the Pro Plan Threshold milestone can be automatically added to the Pro Plan cadence.

Choose from any cadence to automate your PQL follow-up.

You’re definitely not limited to a single cadence. Since there are multiple types of PQLs, you can create multiple automations to scale your prospecting process. This enables you to personalize the automated sales emails and tasks based on PQL criteria.

You may have spent time in Outreach or Salesloft before. But while traditional cadences only bring up the firmographic data or marketing activity, Calixa’s Product-Led Sales platform gives you the advantage of acting on product insights. Go from impersonal time-based cadences to usage-based outreach.

Automate your PQL follow-up today

Calixa’s Automation immediately places the right user in the right cadence—far better than going through a PQL list one-by-one and clicking 'Add to cadence' over and over again! Say goodbye to manual processes and streamline your Product-Led Sales workflow. Sign up to set up your first automated workflow so you can focus back on your warmer prospects.

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