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Product Updates: June 2022

Stephen Moock

July 5, 2022
 min read

2022 has flown by, and in June, we launched a slew of features designed to empower reps to move faster. Our AI-Powered Prospecting surfaces the best leads in no time, updated search is now lightning fast and auto-domain rollup uncovers consolidation opps with a single click. The redesigned folder structure also makes Calixa easier to use for large teams.

🤖 AI-Powered Prospecting Beta

We are excited to announce our upcoming Product Hunt launch. We've been hard at work applying AI to Product-Led Sales and now we're excited to finally show it to a broader audience. Introducing AI-Powered Prospecting.

Calixa's AI models update PQL scores in real-time, evolving PQL criteria based on emerging user behavior. The best part is that no developer work is needed. By uncovering deal opportunities quickly, salespeople can focus on having the right conversations.

Sales reps will see a PQL score ranging from 1 (low potential) to 5 (high potential) along with a list of signals that generated this score. You can filter your lists by these scores or directly route high scored leads to reps via Slack messages.

🪢 Run Consolidation Plays with Automatic Domain Grouping

Large organizations often have many disparate teams using a product independently, which can make it challenging for a sales rep to understand the total usage footprint. Calixa's automatic domain grouping surfaces consolidation opportunities without requiring any complex data work.

By looking at customers with lots of accounts, teams or workspaces, sales teams can efficiently run consolidation plays. Simply click the ‘Group by Domain' toggle button to instantly see the number of accounts and users under each company domain.

Read more about running consolidation plays.

🗂 Team Folders

For sales teams trying to understand product usage and buying intent as part of their selling strategy, it's easy to get lost in user data. Team folders in Calixa helps you stay organized so you know when and where to take action.

You can now categorize custom views for sales, support, and other teams. The views you use every day can also be favorited for easy access.

⚡️ Smarter, faster search results

We re-engineered our search to improve the experience for customers with massive scale. Searching through 10+ million records now takes under a second.

We also made the results more relevant. Accounts with high user counts always appear at the top of the list, so you never have to scroll to find the account you are looking for.

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