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Running a Product-Led Sales Consolidation Play

Account consolidation is a core benefit of implementing a product-led sales strategy. Learn how to spot consolidation opportunities and close larger deals.

Joanna Huang

June 29, 2022
 min read

Self-serve products are lead generation machines. Easy-to-use free plans encourage bottom-up virality among end users. Because of this, it's fairly common for large companies to have disconnected pockets of individual users with multiple workspaces or accounts.

Enterprise organizations can have dozens of unique teams using a product—without even knowing which coworkers are on it. A product-led sales motion closes these gaps by showing a comprehensive view of usage and offering consolidation.

In this blog, we'll walk through…

🤔 Whether a consolidation play is right for your business
✅ How to efficiently run a PLS consolidation motion

Let's dive in!

Is a consolidation play right for my business?

Consolidation plays are an important transition from tactical support-related inquiries with end users, to a sales-focused strategic conversation with executive buyers. It also increases revenue predictability through larger long-term contracts.

Given how attractive account consolidation is, you may be wondering if it's right for your business. Your company can implement a consolidation play if you can offer the right incentives for customers. Some examples are:

Ease of collaboration: One incentive to consolidate is to increase network effects. Sales reps highlight how disconnected workspaces hurt team collaboration and productivity. Airtable does a great job of talking about collaboration.

Centralized billing: For finance and procurement teams, a single contract saves them the headache of managing separate team billings. Centralized billing can also lead to bulk discounts for high usage.

Security & governance: Another reason to upgrade is for the added security and premium admin features. Account consolidation allows IT teams and admin users to oversee all company data and keep it secure.

Support: Consolidation lends itself well to added support. By having users all under one workspace, account managers can quickly set up training programs or troubleshoot items to keep an organization's entire user base successful.

You can experiment with different offers to get buy-in from leadership. While the specific value and perks may change, the underlying narrative is that consolidation brings tangible customer benefits by increasing adoption at scale.

Running a consolidation motion

Once you've decided that consolidation makes sense, the next step is to get started! Successfully executing a consolidation play is an enormous feat. How do you understand the full picture? Which customers have siloed workspaces?

As a company that offers a self-serve product, we've run into this problem before too. Sales teams require an out-of-box solution for full visibility. Running consolidation plays in Calixa allows sales teams to monitor how much a company is truly using the product.

Calixa's automatic domain grouping categorizes users by the same email domain—no complex data work required. By looking at customers with lots of separate accounts, sales teams can efficiently run consolidation plays.

Simply click the ‘Group by Domain' toggle button to instantly see the number of accounts and users under each company domain.

These insights are easily viewable and can be used in alerting reps. You can also show customers this complete view of usage to help strengthen the business case for a company-wide upgrade.

Ready to roll up workspaces to a single account? Sign up and get started today.


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