Scale Your Product-Led Sales with Playbook Automation System

Take immediate action on PQLs. Run best practices at scale with the Playbook Automation System.

Joanna Huang

August 9, 2022
 min read

Before the rise of Product-Led Sales tooling, sales reps lacked access to product insights and workflows that enabled them to prospect a self-serve funnel. They relied on the data team’s time and resources to find PQLs

Today, Product-Led Sales is no longer blocked by a backlog of data requests. Self-serve PQL lists and AI-Powered Prospecting have streamlined the process of uncovering sales-ready users. Finding your top users is easier than ever.

But our work is not done. Product-Led Sales isn’t only about finding PQLs—the next step is to efficiently act on them!

Playbooks drive repeatable success

Every sales team strives for fast and effective outreach. We all know speed-to-lead increases conversion likelihood. But there are two hurdles that slow down the PQL follow-up process:

  1. Sales teams get lost in an overwhelming number of lead notifications. These alerts compete for your attention and are difficult to manage.
  2. Different types of PQLs require different outreach messaging. Reps often spend too much time figuring out how to customize outreach and follow up accordingly.

Playbooks solve this. With Playbooks, sales leadership gain control over their Product-Led Sales motion by offering guidance at scale. Sales leaders equip their teams with repeatable plays based on PQL signals. These Playbooks enable reps to act fast on PQLs through a suggested action (or set of actions).

Set your team up for repeatable success with a list of Playbooks on your most common customer type, PQLs, market segment, etc. The initial Playbook setup goes a long way in streamlining Product-Led Sales workflows with consistency and ease.

The best sales outreach strategy aligns to both user intent and conversion goals. For example​​, imagine reaching out to free users who have tried a paid feature. You want to highlight the additional value of this feature and why an upgrade makes sense. The Playbook below includes instructions on a feature-specific email, with a meeting link as a call-to-action.

Playbooks have actions built in that allow reps to take their next steps—such as instantly adding the PQL to a Salesloft cadence and opening a HubSpot deal. All user and account information is auto-synced into these downstream actions.

Creating Playbooks is easy in Calixa. Simply go to Playbooks and fill in your guidance and Actions for different types of PQLs—then roll out the best practices at scale to your team.

A PQL Inbox with less noise, more action

As part of Playbooks, sales teams get a PQL Inbox right within Calixa. For each Inbox item, reps can see the recommended actions from that Playbook. This replaces messy traditional alerts with a dedicated task management system. Reps can mark items as Open, Completed, or Archived.

Try Playbook Automation System today

With account alerts and next steps all in one place, Playbooks can scale your Product-Led Sales motion by providing best practices for PQL outreach and downstream actions. Shift your sales team’s focus from “do something” to “do this set of steps” for incoming PQLs.

Ready to drive a consistent and scalable Product-Led Sales motion today? Check out how to implement Playbooks and get started today!

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