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Plug in your data pipeline and Calixa takes care of the rest. Makes it super simple to get visibility on users' and accounts' actions (no SQL)! A must have for PLG sales and customer success.

Eric Tran

Calixa is leading the new wave of PLG CRMs. It gives us the ability to easily identify changes and spikes in customer usage and respond immediately.

Ido Cohen

Calixa brings really hard to reach data to me easily. It allows me to get reports that I would otherwise need to talk to many many people and wait weeks for.

Dylan Scandalios

Calixa is a great experience for anyone working in PLG. I’m able to easily analyze my PQLs.

Victor Levi

Calixa is pretty great when you are trying to build an efficient GTM. In a PLG scenario, where you are trying to do sales-assist, Calixa shines.

Dragoș Bulugean

Calixa is an incredible part of our PLG and sales motion. It was super easy with the Segment integration we already had set up.

Jacob Beckerman

Calixa is the PLG dashboard for our sales and CS team. We use it daily to track usage and identify opportunities.

Ido Cohen

Any PLG company can tell you the challenge of surfacing product usage data to sales. Calixa is the only tool that makes it easy to connect our warehouse and give visibility directly to our sales team.

Troy Goode

How Netlify manages 100,000+ monthly signups with Calixa

50% daily time saving when prospecting
From juggling 7 tools, down to 2

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15% increase in PQL conversion
1hr saved daily with Outreach integration
From juggling 5 tools, down to 2

Beacons identifies top 15% of users & facilitates just-in-time upsell outreach

Scale sales efforts from 2 to 13 products
Launch product upsell motion
Eliminate 2 days of engineering requests per sprint

Macro realizes 24% growth in NNR through discovery of new use case

Daily savings of 4hrs resulting in 12% more revenue
Single marketing, sales & success platform for all data
Highest ROI subscription in tech stack

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150hrs of digging into data saved per month
1.6x increase in book of business CSMs can manage