Calixa turns product analytics into actionable sales insights.

Create proactive alerts, automated workflows, and run plays based on PQL triggers.

Empower reps with GTM-ready insights

Get a sales-centric view of the entire customer journey. With Calixa, you no longer have to involve developers to help digest product analytics data for GTM purposes. Reps can quickly prioritize customers and filter on real-time engagement metrics. Keep your team focused on top accounts with a platform that is easy for sales and success teams to use self-sufficiently.

Less tabs, more action

Close the gap between product analytics and rep actions. Calixa offers automated workflows and plays that are purpose-built for your sales motion. Eliminate the need to cobble together data between disparate systems. Understand users' high value activities and take action without switching tools. 

Align your team with custom naming

Calixa gives you full control over what data is shown – and how they're named. Set up your data in a way that is second nature to reps. With Property and Metrics Manager, you can rename data fields to terminology that your team is familiar with.



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There's a real gap between product analytics and the action needed to move people along the sales funnel. We're interested in visibility of product qualified leads, so we can nudge them the right way at the right time.

Eric Tran
Co-founder at Hookdeck |
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