Calixa lets you enrich your PQLs with user and account data from Clearbit.

Ensure your sales and marketing teams are prioritizing the right customers.

Enrich PQLs with firmographic data

Auto-enrich signups with firmographic data that you can prioritize the accounts that fit your Ideal Customer Profile. By connecting to Clearbit, you'll know who each user is and what company they work for.

Prioritize with the Customer Fit Score

Clearbit data can be used throughout the Calixa platform. Set a Customer Fit Score based on company size, geographic location, total funding amount, and more. This allows you to skip the manual filtering and be confident sales and marketing are talking to the right accounts.

Refine your alerts for top accounts

​Calixa can alert your team any time a company of a certain size or users with specific titles takes key product actions. By focusing on decision makers and big accounts, the Clearbit integration helps to ensure your sales and marketing teams convert the largest deals in your self-serve funnel.



+ Calixa

Before Calixa, firmographic and product usage insights were hard to put together unless we built something custom.

Rachael Watton
Director of RevOps at Opencomp
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Read Case Study

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