Calixa lets you take full advantage of product insights to maximize revenue.

Unlock the data warehouse with reverse ETL so you’re no longer relying on data teams.

Empower reps with product insights

Companies are increasingly relying on the data warehouse as the single source of truth. This integration eliminates the need to make requests to the data team in order to access this data. Reps are in charge of their own destiny.

Leverage the modern data stack

Use Hightouch to sync the data warehouse into Calixa in a few clicks. No need to learn SQL queries to expose new fields or metrics. Flexible Account Models will even map your product account structure to the CRM – no data work required.

Maintain full control over data syncs

Calixa’s Hightouch integration gives you full control over what data is synced and when. Set up your syncs to run frequently for time sensitive data and or less frequently to manage resources.



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Any PLG company can tell you the challenge of surfacing product usage data to sales. Calixa is the only tool that makes it easy to connect our warehouse and give visibility directly to our sales team.

Troy Goode
Founder & CEO
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