Calixa lets you instantly gain full context into product activity and account health. 

Never again go into a customer meeting blind.

Identify premium support upsells

Create alerts based on your Intercom chats so you'll be able respond instantly whenever something happens. Get a Slack message when a large customer encounters an error or get an email whenever a credit card fails. See the bigger picture of which accounts require a higher support plan. 

Get full context and account metrics

Save time learning about customers by having full context at a glance. Calixa shows what in-product actions your users have taken so reps can help them get to the next step. See key account activities to facilitate an in-depth conversation that solves customer problems.

Less tabs, more action

When you connect your Intercom account, Calixa pulls in all historical data and ensures all your user chats will keep flowing in real time. You can see important customer messages, find a user, or get alerted about a spike in conversation volume. Calixa connects all your customer data into one view so you can stop jumping from tab to tab.



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Calixa has just made it so much easier for us to really figure out what helpful is.

Devin Oliver
Director of Sales Development at Netlify |
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