Calixa lets you add the right user to the right sequence based on product usage insights.

Automate PQL outreach at scale for high velocity sales plays.

Maximize PQL conversion

Leverage customer fit and product usage scoring in your Outreach sequences to increase response and conversion rates. With PQL scores, Journey View, and other product usage metrics at your fingertips, it’s easy to incorporate real customer needs in your messaging.

Automate targeted outreach at scale

Automatically place the right user in the right sequence based on the PQL criteria you set up in Calixa. Automated workflows help add PQLs into Outreach sequences—instantly when they’re qualified.

Drive repeatable success in playbooks

Provide best practices for PQL outreach with playbooks. Whether you’re running a free-to-paid or upsell play, you confidently kick off sequences that increase win rates across the team.



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Does Calixa let sales teams automate multiple Outreach sequences?
What’s the main advantage of using Calixa with Outreach?
Does Calixa show if users have already been sequenced or responded to outbound messages?

With Calixa, we know how to drive value with every interaction rather than fitting the mold of a typical sales team with generic touchpoints.

Devin Oliver
Director of Sales Development
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Read Case Study

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