Calixa lets you create Salesforce workflow automations for Product-Led Sales.

Enable sales teams to gain context by keeping your Salesforce data in sync with product activity.

Create leads, opps, and tasks for PQLs 

Many tools take an “all-or-nothing” approach when syncing signups with a CRM. Calixa’s automated workflows help you specifically add qualified signups and opportunities into Salesforce. Automatically set follow-up tasks to stay on top of deals.

Easily integrate product and sales data

Calixa gives reps a full picture of their accounts by pulling in all the relevant data from Salesforce (such as ownership) and combining it with product insights. Flexible Account Models easily map your product account structure back to the CRM and adapt to your existing data structure.

Increase rep efficiency with zero context-switching

You don’t have to choose between Salesforce or Calixa (or try juggling both). For our biggest Salesforce lovers, try our CRM Sync or Chrome Extension. Deep dive into product insights without changing reps’ day-to-day habits.



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What data does Calixa sync with Salesforce?
Is ownership automatically inherited from Salesforce?
Can product usage scores, milestones and other metadata be synced bi-directionally with Salesforce?

Calixa brings really hard to reach data to me easily. It allows me to get reports that I would otherwise need to talk to many many people and wait weeks for.

Dylan Scandalios
Account Executive
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Read Case Study

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