Calixa lets you send any customer data from Segment directly to our platform.

See user metrics and timelines to understand your best accounts.

Uncover a real-time customer view

Plug in your data pipeline and Calixa takes care of the rest. Instantly get visibility on user and account actions without SQL. Reps can quickly prioritize customers and filter on real-time engagement metrics. Keep your team focused on top accounts with a platform that is easy for sales and success teams to use self-sufficiently.

Auto-generate account metrics

Besides the ability to visualize account journeys and event timelines, Calixa automatically calculates metrics from Segment events for you. These include the number of Active Users and Days Active, as well as percent changes over any period of time.

Align your team with custom naming

Calixa gives you full control over what data is shown – and how they're named. Set up your data in a way that is second nature to reps. With Property and Metrics Manager, you can rename data fields to terminology that your team is familiar with.



+ Calixa

If you're looking for a GTM platform, Calixa is basically everything you could ask for: pull from Segment, map data from warehouse in app, easy materialized views, get notified when users hit milestones. Finally, a super receptive team. 10/10.

Jake Cooper
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