Calixa lets you use real-time alerts to power your Product-Led Sales motion.

Never miss a selling opportunity and engage top accounts at the perfect time.

Maximize speed to lead

Calixa's alerts enable reps to do timely outreach for the product triggers your team cares most about. Whether you want to get notified of specific events (e.g. user signed up) or when usage thresholds (e.g. invited 5+ users) are crossed, reps can get alerted whenever a new deal emerges or an existing deal needs attention. Catch top users right when they've activated within your product.

Get full context and account metrics

The most effective alerts reveal customer context at a glance. Calixa shows what actions your PQL has taken so reps can help them get to the next step. Incorporate key account metrics into sales outreach to start an in-depth conversation that solves customer problems.

Stay focused with dynamic lead routing

Keep your team focused by sending alerts to the right Slack channel or direct message. Calixa can even use account ownership from your CRM to automatically route the alert to the right sales rep. Intelligent lead routing ensures the Slack alerts are relevant and actionable.



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With Slack alerts, we’re completely confident we can catch and prioritize our user needs. We now have great product insights to take action on without any technical barriers!

Jessica Li
Chief of Staff at Beacons
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Read Case Study

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