Calixa lets you easily see payments data for each of your accounts.

Reps can see what plan a customer is on, get alerted when a big invoice is paid, and more.

Less tabs, more action

When you connect your Stripe account, Calixa pulls in all historical data and ensures all new payments will keep flowing in real time. You can see what plan a customer is on, find an old invoice, or see growth in payment amounts. Calixa connects all your Stripe data with your CRM and product usage data so you can stop jumping from tab to tab.

Offer proactive billing support

Create alerts based on your Stripe billing info so you'll be able respond instantly whenever something happens. Get a Slack message when a large invoice is paid or get an email whenever a credit card fails. Never again be caught unaware. 

Align your team with custom naming

Calixa gives you full control over what data is shown – and how they're named. Set up your data in a way that is second nature to reps. With Property and Metrics Manager, you can rename data fields to terminology that your team is familiar with.



+ Calixa

Calixa brings really hard to reach data to me easily. It allows me to get reports that I would otherwise need to talk to many many people and wait weeks for.

Dylan Scandalios
Account Executive
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Read Case Study

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