Instantly find your best PQAs with AI

100+ billions

data points processed

10+ thousands

features in models

100+ million

accounts scored

Scoring shouldn't be guesswork

Our models instantly identify who Sales and Marketing should be focusing on by combining both product and firmographic data into one score. You no longer have to build brittle, manual scoring rules.

Ready out-of-the-box

Train AI models with no asks to engineering. Calixa gives you the control to build and deploy models with ease.

AI-powered accuracy

AI factors in thousands of signals to find your best future customers. Uncover accounts that you’d regularly miss.

Always learning

AI gets smarter over time. Our scoring continuously adapts to new data and trends as your product and business changes. 

Not a black box

With every score, you get a set of insights to explain what’s important. Ensure rep outreach is always contextually relevant.

Efficiently & intelligently grow revenue

Build pipeline faster

Easily prioritizes deals for reps and uncover new pipeline.

AI automates hours of data analysis in an instant, so reps can focus all effort on their highest potential deals.

Have the right conversations

Calixa’s AI shows you the context behind each PQA score. Reps will instantly see why an account was scored the way it was.

These usage insights bring credibility into the sales conversation and increase deal conversion rate.

Automate with confidence

Calixa’s AI powers every stage of the deal cycle through automations.

Get relevant alerts, instant CRM syncing, and automatic lead sequencing – while running playbooks to standardize best practices on your best accounts.

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Calixa cuts down our time from insight to action. There is a huge efficiency and conversion gain with product qualified leads that Calixa identifies.
Devin Oliver Director of Sales Development
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In 3 days of using Calixa, a rep booked 4 calls from PQLs we would have otherwise missed.
Brandon NessDirector of Sales
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