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Upsell & Expansion


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Product trigger

Account is using > 80% of the purchased seat count

About this play

One of your active paid accounts is close to its purchased seat limit. If product usage is healthy, it’s a good opportunity to not only increase the seat limit but also upsell new features or consolidated plans. 

Actions to take

  • Review the account’s product usage. Identify underutilized use cases.  
  • Create a new opportunity in the CRM.
  • Find champion users and add them to sequences asking about the value they’re getting from your product.
  • Find a decision-maker and add him/her to a sequence that showcases value gained from the product and potential benefits of expansion. 

Recommended message

Offer a discounted price on seats given a feature or plan expansion.

Outreach to end-user

How Calixa helps yourun this play

Calixa identifies key users so you know who to talk to and have the context you need to drive revenue-generating conversions.