Heavy onboarding support

Upsell & Expansion



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Product trigger

Resolved 3+ low-severity support tickets during onboarding

About this play

A high number of low-severity support tickets during onboarding has an 80% correlation to upsell (enterprise sellers). Take the opportunity to present the customer with new use cases as your support their implementation of your solution.

Actions to take

  • Review the account’s support tickets and the context surrounding product usage. 
  • Find under-utilized product use cases that complement current product usage. 
  • Find the account champion(s). 
  • Reach out to offer additional support and present new opportunities in your platform.

Recommended message

Complement support through customer examples and present new use cases.

Outreach to end-user

How Calixa helps yourun this play

Identify accounts with an upsell potential and understand the support history & context.