Multi-account consolidation




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Product trigger

Multiple workspaces or accounts exist for a given domain

About this play

Teams within an enterprise account are using your product in siloes. Sometimes unaware of the fact that other departments are in the product. Consolidating all instances into one account makes it easier for admins to manage and gives teams on lower-paid tiers access to premium features.

Actions to take

  • Review product usage across all accounts. Which features are being utilized the most?
  • Find which paid features would 
  • Find who’s the most likely decision-maker to approve a consolidation.  
  • Add them to a sequence. 

Recommended message

Propose domain consolidation for easier management and premium features across all users.

Outreach to end-user

How Calixa helps yourun this play

Surface accounts under the same domain. Alert reps of a consolidation opportunity. Find which premium features would benefit from org-wide adoption.