Roadblock avoidance

Upsell & Expansion


Activate this play

Product trigger

A qualified account is about to face a common usage issue.

About this play

At a certain usage threshold, some accounts might face roadblocks that they’re not aware of (view email template for example). It’s the rep’s job to anticipate roadblocks and suggest solutions. Integrate expansion or upsells into recommended next steps.

Actions to take

  • Review the account’s product usage and figure out why the account is at risk. 
  • Uncover similar situations with past customers. 
  • Find decision-makers. 
  • Add decision-makers to a sequence that educates about potential solutions to the volume roadblock. 

Recommended message

Educate about roadblocks and offer an upgrade or new product features to fix them.

Outreach to end-user

How Calixa helps yourun this play

Flag at-risk accounts and understand how to unblock them for success.