Trial conversion



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Product trigger

New workspace has been created with a timeboxed free trial

About this play

Across all of your timeboxed free trials, some accounts should be engaged by sales. Either because the account has great revenue potential or sales can intervene to guarantee quick and latest success with your product. Proper sales touches are all about understanding what success means for your prospect and helping them get there faster.

Actions to take

  • Research the account to make assumptions about their motivations for your product.
  • Find a case study with similar product usage.
  • Enroll the workspace owner in a sequence with time-based touches throughout the trial. Incorporate product usage in the sequence and emphasize urgency.
  • Identify the most active users. Add them to the same sequence.

Recommended message

Ask for a call to discuss the success metrics of the trial. Share helpful resources and case studies with similar companies.

Outreach to end-user

How Calixa helps yourun this play

Be notified when qualified accounts are created. Gain context on the account and execute this play to drive a paid conversion.