Usage spike



Activate this play

Product trigger

Target account’s usage grows > 50% month over month

About this play

A qualified account is showing great momentum in your product. Openness to sales outreach will be high. Engage active users to understand how the spike can be tied to a business goal. Take advantage of this opportunity to present decision-makers with a business case. Offer more advantageous unit costs. 

Actions to take

  • Research the account. Are there any external trends that can explain the spike?
  • Review the account’s product usage.  
  • Add the most active users to a sequence. 
  • Identify a decision-maker and add him/her to a sequence.

Recommended message

Offer an upgraded plan with a lower unit cost and more predictable billing.

Outreach to end-user

How Calixa helps yourun this play

Identify qualified accounts with usage spikes. Find highly active users. Gain the context your need to engage appropriately engage and add value.