Drive revenue with full
customer context

Calixa is a Product-Led Sales platform that lets go-to-market teams leverage data to drive revenue and focus on customers. Take control of your data and deliver the outcomes you need.


Prospect & close deals in your self-serve funnel

Prioritize sales-ready accounts and give reps the customer context they need to run the right playbooks. Ensure your reps are focused on the right accounts.

Quickly add PQLs to email cadences with a click of the button. Stop juggling browser tabs and start focusing on customers.
See a unified view of all account and user activity
Prioritize PQLs to find your best sales-ready accounts
Tailor cadences based on how prospects are using the product
In 3 days of using Calixa, a rep booked 4 calls from PQLs we would have otherwise missed.
Brandon Ness
Director of Sales


Flexibly score and route PQLs to sales

Prioritize PQLs for sales, while nurturing accounts that need more time. Ensure that reps are only talking to accounts ready to buy.

Use machine learning to uncover accounts previously missed. Uncover patterns in the data that humans can’t spot.
Flexibly score PQLs using any of your data
Use machine learning to uncover new sales opps
Run campaigns to accounts not yet ready to buy
Calixa cuts down our time from insight to action. There is a huge efficiency and conversion gain with PQLs that Calixa identifies.
Devin Oliver
Director of Sales Enablement


Build GTM workflows that leverage all customer data

Give teams a unified view of users and accounts without relying on engineering resources. Empower your reps to find the insights they need without asking for help.

Build workflows and automate actions across the customer journey. Save reps time and ensure the right actions happen.
Give teams an easy-to-use, unified view of the customer
Orchestrate workflows in your CRM using product data
Leverage any data you have without needing engineering
Calixa helps us identify user intent in our data—for example someone who may have clicked upgrade in our product. This is a huge unlock for us.
Rachael Watton
Head of RevOps


Proactively cater to customer needs

Get real-time Slack alerts of expansion opportunities and churn risk. Ensure that you’re always on top of customer needs and running the right playbook.

Instantly gain full context into product activity and account health. Never again go into a customer meeting blind.
Uncover expansion opportunities to grow accounts
Get Slack alerts for key changes in customer behavior
Build customer QBRs with product usage data
Calixa has improved our customer's experience with Voiceflow by giving AEs, CSMs, and support reps all access to the same product insights in one place.
Daniel D'Souza
Head of Customer Success