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Drive growth with
customer context

Calixa empowers product-led companies with all the data and signals they need to take the right action at the right time.


Find and convert
product qualified leads

Use product data to quickly spot customers ready to buy. Prioritize your efforts based on who is getting the most value from your product. Tailor your outreach based on each customer’s unique journey.

  • Build prioritized lists using product usage data
  • See a unified view of account and user activities
  • Convert leads with tailored email-sequences

Reach out to customers at the right moment

Use custom reports and dashboards to stay on top of your accounts. Get alerts when customers are growing fast or have hit a roadblock. Confidently engage customers with full context.

  • See all user and account activity in one place
  • Get alerted to expansion opportunities
  • Proactively reach out before issues snowball

Instantly get full
customer context

Calixa shows you data from all your sources in one place. Quickly find the customer you’re looking for and see their complete history. Take action to resolve issues straight from Calixa rather than hopping tabs.

  • See tickets, payments, errors, and usage in one place
  • Quickly search across all user and accounts
  • Resolve issues without jumping across tabs

Empower customer teams with product data

Calixa allows customer teams to self-serve their reporting and data needs. You can connect 3rd party app data without engineering resources. Setup syncs from your data warehouse with just a few clicks.

  • Give customer teams easy access to product data
  • Connect to 3rd party app data in a matter of minutes
  • Sync your data warehouse directly to Calixa

Start identifying your best customers in minutes.