Enterprise security interest




Activate this play

Product trigger

Users view permissions, SSO, & other security content

About this play

An enterprise account has end-users using your product but no enterprise contract is in place. One (or more) user consults your security documentation. This shows potential for an enterprise conversion. Reach out to the user in question to set up a call with security experts on your team. Prepare a case study to pitch Enterprise plan benefits. 

Actions to take

  • Research the account. 
  • Create a lead in the CRM. 
  • Identify the user who visited security documents.
  • Review the account’s product usage. 
  • Send an email introducing a security expert. Share similar case studies and suggestions regarding future usage of your product.

Recommended message

Introduce a security expert (sales engineer, security team) and ask for a call to discuss priorities.

Outreach to end-user

How Calixa helps yourun this play

Gain context on the accounts’ product usage and automate actions into other GTM tools.