New user velocity



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Product trigger

Free account has 10+ users added in the last 30 days

About this play

You’re notified of an uptick in users at an account that has revenue potential (fits your ICP). The value of your product is spreading, indicating a potential to convert to paid plans. Engage end users to understand how they perceive your product’s value and objectives. Offer help. Then, identify a decision-maker and discuss how their team’s objectives can be supported by upgrading to a paid plan.

Actions to take

  • Review account’s product usage to make your outreach contextual and personalized. 
  • Add the most active (end) users to a sequence that asks for feedback on their experience.
  • Identify a decision-maker and add him/her to a sequence that highlights the value the end-users are getting.

Recommended message

Sequence end users for feedback and present new ways for them to be successful in your product. Identify decision-makers and offer discounted seats with an annual contract.

Outreach to end-user

How Calixa helps yourun this play

Sort through your free signups to find your most promising account. Run the right play with deep context into the account’s needs.