Customer story

Macro discovers new use case resulting in 24% growth in net new revenue

Macro is an AI-powered document workspace that enables lightning-fast productivity through automation.

Macro is intensely focused on enhancing the productivity of its users. They obsess over every detail of its pdf and word processing suite down to the button placement. Yet, before Calixa, they operated blindly for its sales and success processes. 

“Calixa brings all data together to answer any question about account potential, activity, or health. It's truly a marketing, sales, &  success platform.”


As a product-obsessed company, Jacob Beckerman, Founder & CEO, was frustrated by his lack of access and insight into product users. “We needed a way to see all touch points our accounts had regardless of it being marketing, product, or support activity.” Macro was seeing a growing influx of inbound signups - growing from less than 100 signups monthly to nearly 300 monthly - and Jacob knew he had to solve this disjointed customer view and access to data sooner rather than later. 


As we know, the more tools we have to dig into, the more drop-off you can expect. Jacob found that him and his VP of sales were wasting so much time searching through Mixpanel, emails, and CRM to find proper context, insights, and activities to reach its highest intent users. 

"Inefficiency for a lean startup is a non-starter. With all account interactions, we needed to plug our holes and ensure we are as efficient and effective as possible. We’re simply too small not to have a laser-focused pulse on our customers.” 


“As I searched for a better way to manage our self-serve signups, I saw that, unlike others in the space, Calixa was self-serve itself. I love that I could get up and running independently - explore what they had to offer without talking to someone.” 

With Calixa up and running, Macro still utilizes Mixpanel for bulk data and reporting for operations, but it is no longer a tool GTM folks need to rely on to do their day-to-day. 

“Calixa is our first stop for revenue generation & discovery of client value. It's one of our most beneficial & highest ROI subscriptions.”


“We rely heavily on Calixa daily to drive our sales strategy and product-led growth efforts.”

Calixa’s seamless integrations with Macro’s CRM, HubSpot, Segment, and Mixpanel, providing Macro with a single place to prioritize accounts and outreach. With the elimination of tools and tabs to juggle and the user-friendliness of Calixa, Macro has saved 2-4 hours daily of digging for quality insights. 

Macro loves Calixa’s advanced predictive analytics and algorithms – identifying new growth and revenue generation opportunities. The team can stay ahead of customers' needs and maintain a competitive advantage in sales cycles. “With Calixa, we can make more informed decisions and drive more revenue for our business.”

“Calixa has reduced the time & resources required to close deals. Daily, we save 4hrs digging into multiple tools to find actionable data. This saving has driven a 12% increase in overall revenue. ”

But Calixa is much more than simply a prioritization tool for Macro. “Calixa has improved our relationship with customers but also has allowed us to better understand our ICPs - their needs and pains - and therefore provide us with valuable insights to inform our product development. For example, with Calixa, we discovered academic users using Macro for computer science and life sciences research that we otherwise wouldn't have seen – resulting in 24% growth of net new revenue and a new use case!”

“As a startup, you must be laser-focused on what you're solving and for whom. Calixa has helped us hone in on both our product’s value and key ICPs. We are running a more intelligent GTM strategy because of Calixa.”