Calixa lets you create HubSpot automations for Product-Led Sales.

Whether you’re creating deals or running campaigns, you can find and act on top accounts.

Create leads, opps, and tasks for PQLs 

Many tools take an “all-or-nothing” approach when syncing signups with a CRM. Calixa’s automated workflows can push top signups and accounts into HubSpot. Automatically set follow-up tasks to stay on top of deals.

Easily integrate product and sales data

Calixa gives reps a full picture of their accounts by pulling in all the relevant data from HubSpot (such as ownership) and combining it with product insights. Flexible Account Models easily map your product account structure back to the CRM and adapt to your existing data structure.

Personalize campaigns at scale 

A user who isn’t ready for a sales touch today can still turn into a PQL tomorrow. Calixa’s automations help you find high potential users and run self-serve nurture campaigns. Customize messaging based on product insights to maximize user engagement.



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What data does Calixa sync with HubSpot?
Is ownership automatically inherited from HubSpot?
Can product usage scores, milestones and other metadata be synced bi-directionally with HubSpot?

Before Calixa, firmographic and product usage insights were hard to put together unless we built something custom.

Rachael Watton
Director of RevOps at Opencomp
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Read Case Study

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