Calixa lets marketers efficiently run self-serve nurture campaigns.

Automatically add top users to campaigns to turn them into PQLs ready for sales.

Sync marketing intent data for PQLs

PQLs are game-changers for including product data. But that doesn’t change the fact that Marketo data will always be relevant when surfacing high intent signups. Include marketing signals such pricing page visits, webinar attendance, and more into your PQL score.

Automate self-serve nurture

A user who isn’t ready for a sales touch today can still turn into a PQL tomorrow. Calixa’s automation plantform allow marketers to find high potential users in Calixa and run nurture campaigns within Marketo. Customize campaigns based on product insights from Calixa, so you maximize user engagement.

Personalize campaigns to activate users

Customize campaigns based on product insights from Calixa. This integration helps marketers understand the user journey to maximize user engagement through onboarding campaigns, upsell campaigns, and much more.



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Calixa has improved our customer experience and bottom line, no question. Having scaled with Calixa from 2 to 13 products, I can’t imagine trying to upsell each product line blindly.

Jessica Li
Chief of Staff at Beacons
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